Wednesday, November 01, 2006


There are three things of mine that I would like to keep safe. One is my PS2, two is my Yugioh card deck, and three is my Ipod. I choose these three things because they were gifts from my family. So if I had a box to put things in I would choose to put those three things in out of everything else. I would make sure they always stay safe and make sure no one breaks them or to make sure no one steals them and nothing else happens to them.

I would keep my PS2 so I would be able to play video games. I would keep my Yugioh card deck because I really like to play the game. I would keep my Ipod that way I would be able to listen to my favorite songs when ever I want.

I would do what my mom and dad said to always keep them safe and make sure they don't get stolen. I also have to make sure to keep my little brother away from them to so that he doesn't hide them or sell them. Those are the three items that I would always make sure to keep safe out of all the other things I have.

Porcelain Doll

When I was about 2 I started a box. In the box I had about 3 items in it. The first item in the box was my Grandmothers ring. It was real diamonds. It was vary precious to me. She gave me the ring when she got remarried. The reason she gave me the ring is because I was the only grandchild alive at the time.

The 2nd thing that was in the box is a porcelain doll. I got the doll when I was about 4 yrs old when my mom bought it for me. She had a beautiful long white and blue gown. She had blue eyes and blond hair. When I was little I used to talk to my Anastasia.

The third thing that was in my box was my personal things. I used to write letters and put then in my box. Some of the things I wrote about my boyfriends and my life like if i was sad or upset. My uncle burned all my stuff. And he got yelled at for it and was never allowed at my house again.

My Box

If I had a bag or box with all my treasures in it, I would probably have a stuffed animal from my grandma's funeral in it. The stuffed animal means a lot to me because there is a lot of people in my family and I'm the one that got it. I would also put my Eeyore in the box because I got it from my boyfriend on Christmas. It means a lot to me because it is from my boyfriend.

I would put my pictures in the box because they are memories from when I did exciting things with friends. Some pictures that would be in there would be pictures of homecoming, friends, dances, and of my boyfriend.

I would put another stuffed animal in it thatI got for Easter from my daddy. I would put it in there because I never get to see my dad and he means a lot to me. Even though he doesn't come see me I still love him because he is my dad.

I would probably put all the notes that I got from friends in it because I would like to read them whenI get older. I would probably laugh about most of them because the stupid things they would say.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Skateboarding Yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I skate every day during the summer unless it is raining or wet out. I have one of my skater friends take me to skate parks. When I go there I skate for 5 to 8 hours a day. I do kick flips, heel flips, and varial kick flips and ride in the half pipe to get me warmed up.

Then i start working on my harder tricks like kick flips over the pyramid and noli 180 in the half pipe. I work on some of my new tricks like 360 and work on airing out and work on my crazy flat ground tricks like one footed primo to remo heel flip outs. Usually I play some people in skate. I win some times I lose some times but it helps me figure out new tricks and better ways to do tricks.

I play my best friend in skate a lot. I think it makes us better at our tricks. I used to skate street but I got in trouble by the cops so I don't skate street any more because its trespassing.

I buy skateboards for my other friend. He is a skate bum. He buys blanks off ebay.
I buy them for 20$ per board. My parents are very supportive of my skate boarding life because I keep active. My skate board hero is Rodney Molin becuse his super crazy flat groud tricks. I love skateboard is one favorite sports!

Friday, October 27, 2006

riding at my friends

One day I went fourwheeling at my friend's house. He was riding a Yamaha blaster. That is a good quality four-wheeler but my four wheeler is a little better. I have a 05 z 250. I got my four-wheeler about a year ago about this time. So Marcus and I were riding on his track that he built. I was tearing him up.

So the next day we went riding around the country topped out. Marcus's four-wheeler is a lot faster then mine. Then when we got tired of riding on the road. We went to his house and went in the mud. We had a lot of fun because it was so muddy because it rained the day before we went. That day I had to go home because we had school in the morning but I will never forget that weekend when I had so much fun riding my four-wheeler

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Game High

It was the middle of the basketball season and we were just about to face our rivals. It was going to be a good game. The game was about to start and I was so nervous I did not know what to do. I felt like my stomach was about to burst open and butterflies were going to come out. I knew that I had to try to beat my old record of 18 points.
The game started and no one on my team could shoot that day. It was horrible but when I thought we had no chance my team got ahead by 2 points. Then it was my turn to show every one my talent. I got in there and made 2 three pointers in a row that got our team pumped and we kept scoring and so did they.
The end of the 3rd quarter was just 10 seconds away. I stole the ball and went in for 2 points. By the start of the 4th quarter I had 16 points so I got the ball and shot a 3 pointer. I was at 19 points I got fouled and made my free throw. I got to my goal and we won the game.

Falling Off a Ladder

The time that I fell off a ladder was not a fun time. What had happened was that I was working on Tyvak on a new house. They had not poured the concrete on the walk way to the house.I checked the ladder to see if it was on solid ground and it was. So I started to climb the ladder. I got one step from the top and I started to hammer a nail in the Tyvak and then I started to feel the ladder move.

What I did next is that I had enough time to drop my hammer in my tool belt, and then I was on the ground. Then I saw that I was ok, so I got back up the ladder and went back to work. I finished the Tyvak that needed to be done. Someone asked if I had a good trip down and I told them that it was a great trip.

The next day that i got back to the house i started to work of the same ladder what and my techer was sperd when he saw me on the s

Shih Tzu

One day when I got home from school my mom was on the porch. You could tell that my mom had been crying. She told me that my dog got hit by a car. The dog got out when my dad and my brother were fixing the water holes for the backyard. She said that she was sorry. Then she went on saying that the person who hit my dog lived right up the street. I was so mad. I cried all night long.

For the next day my mom told me how the dog was in a better place. Then one day when my dad said that he knew someone that was giving away little Shih Tzu puppies. My mom said that she did not want another dog. She did not want this to ever happen to me again. She was happy that she did not have to take care of the dog any more. She also said that the dog was old and he would have died anyway.

The next day when my dad came home he had something in his pocket. When he went up to my mom she was said the puppy was so cute. So my mom said that we could keep the puppy. She also said that if we kept the puppy everyone must help with taking care of it. In 6 years we have gotten 4 dogs, two girls and two boys. The two girls names are Little Bit and Precious. The two boys names are Max and Thor. Everything turned out fine.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My dog Blackie

I have a dog. His name is Blackie. He is a black lab terrier mix. He protects me a lot. Som times if somebody is at the door he would start to bark. One of the things about Blackie that I like is that his bark is really loud so that he can scare a stranger off and if somebody tries to grab me or if somebody touches me he would bite and try to attack the person who is trying to touch or to grab me.

It was my pretty close to my birthday and my mom was planning to get a dog for me. My mom and I went to the Humane Society to get my dog. We brought him home. After he had been at home for a while I walked him a lot then while I was walking him I ran with him. I like to play fetch with him.

The time I crashed

One day I went to my friend’s house to go riding. When I mean riding I mean 4-wheeler riding. My other friend named Mike was riding a Yamaha 250f dirt bike. I was riding my Yamaha Blaster and Ryan was riding his yfz450 that he just got rebuilt. So first Mike and I unloaded our stuff and then we started putting in our gear. Then we filled my 4-wheeler and his dirt bike up with gas.
Now it was time to ride. So then we drove out back to Ryan’s track and then Mike and Ryan’s just took off and left me behind because he had just redone the track and made some of the jumps bigger. So at first I was tacking it slowly so that I wouldn’t hurt myself. After a couple laps I was flying through the track just like Mike and Ryan was doing except the started riding all out when we started riding.
By the end of the night I was jumping and clearing ever jump but one and the one I wasn’t clearing was a 40foot double and it was about five foot tall. Mike thought I could clear it so after Mike and Ryan were done riding we all road up to the 40 foot double and Mike said that I should try and clear it if I’m topped out in 4th gear. So I started up my 4-wheeler and started about 20feet in front of the double and I got up to 4th gear pinned and I hit it and then the back wheels hit the landing and the 4-wheeler flipped over and landed on me. I laid there for 5-10 min’s and then yelled for help. When Mike flipped it off of me I was really happy. The End
By. Goodmorning

A day in the mountains

My name is Jimmy. I have an interesting story of when I went up in to the Appilation Mountains. I went because of a class field trip that was taking place. So me and a couple of the guys got dropped off at the designated hotel and waited for the rest of the class. When no one showed up I got worried and called Ron a class member and pal that was supposed to come but never showed up. His reply was that the feild trip did not start until next week at the same time. By the time this phone call ended it was dark so me and the boys decided to go inside and go to bed and turn around in the morning. That was the bigest waste of time I have ever been a part of.

Drivers ed

Drivers ed was boring but it was pretty easy, anybody could pass it if they wanted their license bad enough. And I'm sure everyone does because I knowI do. I took drivers ed in Bridgman. My teacher would scream at all the students every day for no reason at all. We had to take tests every day but they were all easy and sometimes we would watch a movie and take notes.

WhenI was in there I had some scary experiences like my partner ran the same stop sign twice. She even drove up the sidewalk to the school. I thought my teacher was going to have a heart attack. I had a car pull out in front of me but I avoided a wreck by slowing down and turning.


I'm a person who likes to play PC Games. I lke to play first person games and third person games too. One day my dad's friend came over with a new computer for me. I was happy to get a new computer. But it was only a 1.6 gig computer. It was not the best computer but I could play DOOM 3. I asked my mom to take me to Walmart to get it. She did. We got home and I installed it. It took a few minites to install. After it was installed I pressed play. It said your video drivers are not compatile. So after that I was mad. But the next day my dad's friend came back over with a new video card that was 128MB. We unistalled the old video drivers and put the new ones on the computer and the video card worked. I put the DOOM 3 disk in the CD ROM Drive. It loaded it and I pressed play. It finally worked. I was so happy I played it all night all and played it more. After I beat it. It got boring after a while.

But I want to get a new game for the computer. I went to Walmart to get BF2 battle feld 2. But I accidentally got the expansion pack for it. I did not notice it until I got home. I was very mad. I asked my mom to take me to get the 1st one. She sad no she did not have the money to get it. I was even more upset about it. But after a while I got over it but I still want it .

Friday, January 27, 2006

A Scary Moment

A scary moment that I have had in the last couple of days is really hard to overcome and I probably will never forget it. My mom recently told me that she may have breast cancer. When she told me that I got upset and very nervous. For some reason something bad always happens to people in my family and I don't understand why. We really don't know if she has breast cancer yet because she has to go get more tests done.

I really hope everything is okay because it will be really hard for me to overcome. I am also scared because there is a possibility that I could get it too. It will be hard for me because if she has to have surgery I won't have anywhere to stay. The reason is that I can't stand any of my family for that long. I won't be able to stay with my dad because he may be in jail for not going to court like he is supposed to. He could also go for not paying child support. This is a very scary situation in my life. It is also hard to stay focused on my school work when I am thinking about how that sittuation could change my mom's life and my life forever.


Friday, December 16, 2005


I nearly fell out of my chair. I was so joyful, when I got a new puppy. She was so cute. She was a baby pitbull. Her name was Jazzy. I loved her so much. When I got her I was about five or six.

I played with her every day. We had a blast. I taught her to fetch, play dead, beg, roll over, and do flips over things. She was a good dog. She protected me. When ever I went out by the road she would bark and yip so my mom would come out and get me.

When she was about two years old we had to get rid of her. I weeped for weeks. I missed her a lot. I would cry myself to sleep every night. Then we got her back. I was so happy. We had her for about one year, and then one night I went out to feed her. She was not moving. I ran in and got my mom. She told me that she was dead.

The people we gave her to did not feed her. They beat her every day. They fed her once a week. But I am glad she is dead and not in pain any more. Besides I know she is in a better place now. I know that no one is hurting her any more. So that's what happened to my dog Jazzy.


Hotel Party

I nearly jumped for joy when my mom told me that my birthday is going to be at a beautiful hotel. Going to a hotel is very exciting. There are several things to do when you are at a hotel. Swimming, playing games, and working out are all part of the reason I love to go to hotels

Every year we always have my birthday party either at home or at the boring bowling alley. That just is not fun any more. All you can do at home is hang out with friends and play stupid board games.

When I’m at a hotel, I have so much freedom. It is pretty awesome. I can almost do whatever I want. I can stay up as late as I want. The best thing about it is the complimentary breakfast.


When I first met my neighbor, she was very shy. Now I go to her house almost every day. She is like my big sister. She told me if anyone ever messes with me to let her know. She has a little son who is two. He is so adorable. He is like my nephew. When I started going over to their house he would barely come by me, but now he never leaves me alone.

I like going to their house, because it is so exiting. The little boy always throws toys at me though, because he is a little brat. We weren't friends for that long, and they asked if I would like to come to his birthday party. Of couse I did. The bad part is that they let him play in the cake before we could eat it. Not a lot of people ate the cake. The party was pretty fun. After it was over I went back to their house and hung out.


My Cars

I nearly jumped for joy when I saw my new car. It was a great car. It had heated seats and a v8 engine. It also has a 6cd changer in it. It is the best car I have in my collection. I now have 3 cars. I like all the cars thatI have. I use them all the time. I also have a pickup that I use in the winter time. It has a plow on it, so I use it to make money in the winter.

My best car is a 2002 Impala SS. It is one of the nicest cars I have, so I drive that the most out of all my cars. I still use the pickup most of the time in the winter time. The new car that I just got was a 2004 Ford Mustang GT. I like all the things that are on the new car. That is all the cars I have.


When I got my dirt bike

I nearly jumped for joy when I got my dirt bike. My dad suprised me. He didn't tell me that he was going to get me a dirt bike. When I got home from work one day there was a dirt bike sitting on my front porch. I was so shocked. I always wanted a dirt bike. There it was right in front of me.

I was so happy I hopped on it and started riding it around in the dark. It was around eleven o'clock atnight. The dirt bike is so loud that the cops showed up very quickly. They were pretty nice to me. They just gave me a warning.

I love to ride my dirt bike. It's so fast and exciting. The first time I went to a track was scary and intimidating. The jumps are huge. After a while I got used to jumping them. Now that I have a dirt bike, I can go riding anytime that I want to.