Friday, December 16, 2005


I nearly fell out of my chair. I was so joyful, when I got a new puppy. She was so cute. She was a baby pitbull. Her name was Jazzy. I loved her so much. When I got her I was about five or six.

I played with her every day. We had a blast. I taught her to fetch, play dead, beg, roll over, and do flips over things. She was a good dog. She protected me. When ever I went out by the road she would bark and yip so my mom would come out and get me.

When she was about two years old we had to get rid of her. I weeped for weeks. I missed her a lot. I would cry myself to sleep every night. Then we got her back. I was so happy. We had her for about one year, and then one night I went out to feed her. She was not moving. I ran in and got my mom. She told me that she was dead.

The people we gave her to did not feed her. They beat her every day. They fed her once a week. But I am glad she is dead and not in pain any more. Besides I know she is in a better place now. I know that no one is hurting her any more. So that's what happened to my dog Jazzy.


Hotel Party

I nearly jumped for joy when my mom told me that my birthday is going to be at a beautiful hotel. Going to a hotel is very exciting. There are several things to do when you are at a hotel. Swimming, playing games, and working out are all part of the reason I love to go to hotels

Every year we always have my birthday party either at home or at the boring bowling alley. That just is not fun any more. All you can do at home is hang out with friends and play stupid board games.

When I’m at a hotel, I have so much freedom. It is pretty awesome. I can almost do whatever I want. I can stay up as late as I want. The best thing about it is the complimentary breakfast.


When I first met my neighbor, she was very shy. Now I go to her house almost every day. She is like my big sister. She told me if anyone ever messes with me to let her know. She has a little son who is two. He is so adorable. He is like my nephew. When I started going over to their house he would barely come by me, but now he never leaves me alone.

I like going to their house, because it is so exiting. The little boy always throws toys at me though, because he is a little brat. We weren't friends for that long, and they asked if I would like to come to his birthday party. Of couse I did. The bad part is that they let him play in the cake before we could eat it. Not a lot of people ate the cake. The party was pretty fun. After it was over I went back to their house and hung out.


My Cars

I nearly jumped for joy when I saw my new car. It was a great car. It had heated seats and a v8 engine. It also has a 6cd changer in it. It is the best car I have in my collection. I now have 3 cars. I like all the cars thatI have. I use them all the time. I also have a pickup that I use in the winter time. It has a plow on it, so I use it to make money in the winter.

My best car is a 2002 Impala SS. It is one of the nicest cars I have, so I drive that the most out of all my cars. I still use the pickup most of the time in the winter time. The new car that I just got was a 2004 Ford Mustang GT. I like all the things that are on the new car. That is all the cars I have.


When I got my dirt bike

I nearly jumped for joy when I got my dirt bike. My dad suprised me. He didn't tell me that he was going to get me a dirt bike. When I got home from work one day there was a dirt bike sitting on my front porch. I was so shocked. I always wanted a dirt bike. There it was right in front of me.

I was so happy I hopped on it and started riding it around in the dark. It was around eleven o'clock atnight. The dirt bike is so loud that the cops showed up very quickly. They were pretty nice to me. They just gave me a warning.

I love to ride my dirt bike. It's so fast and exciting. The first time I went to a track was scary and intimidating. The jumps are huge. After a while I got used to jumping them. Now that I have a dirt bike, I can go riding anytime that I want to.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


One day I decided to go walking through the nature preserve. The stories I heard about it really don’t bother me. As I was walking I heard foot steps behind me. I turned suddenly; there was nothing to be seen. I kept walking.

Before I knew it I saw my friend who lived up the street. Then he started walking with me. He was the one who told me the stories. As we crept up by a tree line the air started to have a little chill. The weird thing was that the sun was beating down on us and it was about 95 degrees out. I said, “Well, that felt a little weird.”

He said, “Yeah I know.”

Now I can’t tell you the stories he told. But I can tell you that what happened there was not right. Anyway, we kept on walking. My cell phone started to beep. So I called my voicemail and I could not understand the message. I really thought that was scary. I started to wonder what was going on.

Then we started to walk through the trails in the woods. When we got in the middle of the woods I started to hear noises. Trees were cracking and I heard screams. I thought, that’s just my mind playing with me.

But then my friend said, “Did you hear that?”

I said, “Yeah I thought it was just me.” So obviously there was something going on out there and I was not going to stick around to find out. I said, “Let’s get out of here,” so we walked very quickly.

Ever since then I have not gone back. But at the beginning of fall I did, to take pictures of the trees. After I had them developed, my friend and I looked at them. We noticed something weird. We could see faces up in the sky. It was so spooky. Oh yeah, and at night if you’re outside by the preserve you can hear screams and things banging around.

I would advise you, if you go in there, beware it is spooky and you will have dreams about it. Oh and one more thing. DO NOT go in there at night.


Live LIfe to Its Fullest

Death is a very hard thing for me to overcome. You never know till they are gone. I personally am not good with death. I hate the look you see when they are in the casket.

I have had a lot of people that I know die in my life, but I know that I will have to face a lot more than one more death in my life time. I can’t stand death. On some of my family’s deaths I would not go to the funeral because I was really close to them. I don’t want to have my last memory looking at that person dead. I get sick when I go to funerals.

The last person that I saw that was dead was a family friend, and he was like a grandpa to me. I didn’t want to go to the funeral because when I would see him in the casket I would start remembering things from when I was with him and that was not good for me. I still miss him.

When my grandpa died I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I always use to go everywhere with him when I was little and when we lived in Chicago. He was my favorite person in the world. He died when I was 7 years old and he was the only other person that I had and I loved besides my mom.

I have just been starting to realize that everyone is meant to die some day. I should do what my grandpa told me to and that was to live life to its fullest. I’m never going to be good with death and I never will be, and I will live life to its fullest.

~Billy Bob

What Happened to Peanut

It all started on a warm day after school. I remember coming home to hear a weeping noise coming from my room. I walked down the hall and opened the door. There on my floor was a little boxer puppy. I yelled, “Mom come here!” She came and I said, “I have a puppy in my room. I am going to name her Peanut Butter and Jelly because of her hair texture.”

My mother said, “That is a groovy idea!”

I said, “We’ll call her Peanut for short.”

Every day we would play out in the yard. I would play in the pool with her, and we would play ball. We would always go for long walks out in the woods. Peanut and I would always have a fantastic time together no matter what we did. We would lie on the couch together and watch movies.

When my mom would leave me alone at home I was scared, even though I knew my dog was there to protect me from any harm. One time I remember someone knocking on the door. Peanut started to bark and made the stranger leave. I was so glad that she was my dog and would protect me. Even if my mom touched me, my dog would bite her. My mom learned not to touch me because my dog would attack.

When I moved, I had to get rid of her because she was too big. She really wasn’t that big. My heart was torn apart. My mom’s friend that she worked with knew someone who wanted Peanut. We took her to their house to try it out.

The next morning my mom called to see how she was doing. They said that she was fine, but she really ran away. They said that they found her, but later on they let her go out and she ran away again and they were too lazy to go find her. When my mom got of work, we went to go find her.

I was so upset that they treated a loving dog like that. The worst thing was yet to come, it was raining out and it was cold. The good thing is that we found her, but she was shivering because she was cold. I wish that she was still here. I miss her because she’s not here to protect me, or when I’m sad she’s not there to cuddle with. She was my best friend in the world.

When I had to get rid of her I learned not to take anything for granted. Like when I had her I said I wanted a small dog. Now that I have a small dog I want Peanut back. So watch what you wish for because you might just get it.


Scary Roller Coasters

When I was younger I was scared to go on roller coasters, because I thought that they were kind of scary, because they are big and loud. I remember going to amusement parks all the time when I was younger. I never really went on a big roller coaster. My dad and brother and sisters used to make fun of me because I was scared to go on them. They called me sissy and stuff like that. That used to make me so mad that I would try to hide from them all day.

One day I went to Six Flags Amusement Park with a couple of my friends. They wanted to go on the big new roller coaster, but I wasn’t too sure about it. To tell the truth I was kind of scared, but I didn’t want to sound like a dork in front of my friends. So I went on the ride. When I got off the ride I like it so much that I wanted to ride it again and I ended up liking roller coasters.

After that incident I wanted to go on every roller coaster that I saw because roller coasters are so fun to go on--definitely the big ones. It just gets my adrenaline rushing so fast that I just keep on going and going. I love that feeling.

After I overcame my obstacle of being scared of roller coasters, I felt really good about myself. I never thought that I would end up going on a huge roller coaster.



Since I was about three years old I have had so many difficulties in my life. My dad has left our family more times than I can count, but I still consider him my dad. He is not a caring person, but I still love him because he is still my dad. I fight with him every day. He is always mad at every one.

I know that I should not fight with him, but I do anyway and it makes the problem even bigger. He has left my family almost every year of my life and it sucks. My family has a lot of difficulties. We just don’t get over it that easy.

My great grandma just died and it made a big impact on my life. My older brother just went to prison, and I felt so sorry for him that I write him a lot and he writes me back. I have a lot of difficulties in my life that I’m not happy about, but I deal with them every day. Like I just moved to a new school and it sucks big time.

But I’m learning to deal with it. There are other things that are going on in my life right now that I’m not going to say, but I’ve learned that it is really hard to get over something if you keep it in for a long time. So if you ever want to get anything out just try to talk to someone.

Just remember that when you are having a problem there are other people in the world having a problem just like you. So when you think you’re all alone just stop and take a few minutes to yourself. You will feel a lot better.


How I Got To School On Time

The time that I had to overcome a difficulty is when I was not getting to school. What I did was I got up 2 hours earlier so I got to school. I was never late again.

But then I had to stop going early. I took my bike to school and rode it home so I was always on time. Then it became winter. What I did then is I rode the A.T.V to school and I was still not late. That is what I have been doing the rest of the time.

What I did next was I would get a ride from a friend. So that is what I did the rest of the time that I was in 8th grade. When I started to go to school on time I got better grades and I started going more.

Now I get up and ride the bus so I get to school on time.