Thursday, December 01, 2005


Since I was about three years old I have had so many difficulties in my life. My dad has left our family more times than I can count, but I still consider him my dad. He is not a caring person, but I still love him because he is still my dad. I fight with him every day. He is always mad at every one.

I know that I should not fight with him, but I do anyway and it makes the problem even bigger. He has left my family almost every year of my life and it sucks. My family has a lot of difficulties. We just don’t get over it that easy.

My great grandma just died and it made a big impact on my life. My older brother just went to prison, and I felt so sorry for him that I write him a lot and he writes me back. I have a lot of difficulties in my life that I’m not happy about, but I deal with them every day. Like I just moved to a new school and it sucks big time.

But I’m learning to deal with it. There are other things that are going on in my life right now that I’m not going to say, but I’ve learned that it is really hard to get over something if you keep it in for a long time. So if you ever want to get anything out just try to talk to someone.

Just remember that when you are having a problem there are other people in the world having a problem just like you. So when you think you’re all alone just stop and take a few minutes to yourself. You will feel a lot better.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, I've gotten really good advice when I've listened to friends. No one is ever alone. Nice post.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Bonnie Calhoun said...

Starry, I like the way you expressed yourself. You don't hold back. It looks like you could learn to be a very good writer.

Everybody, especially adults have a lot of problems but I see that you still have a lot of compassion because you still love your dad, no matter what. That is a good thing!

And I also know that you have a really good teacher, helping you learn how to write. That is a good thing.

So remember all the good things, and like you said...You will feel a lot better!

8:48 PM  

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