Friday, December 16, 2005


I nearly fell out of my chair. I was so joyful, when I got a new puppy. She was so cute. She was a baby pitbull. Her name was Jazzy. I loved her so much. When I got her I was about five or six.

I played with her every day. We had a blast. I taught her to fetch, play dead, beg, roll over, and do flips over things. She was a good dog. She protected me. When ever I went out by the road she would bark and yip so my mom would come out and get me.

When she was about two years old we had to get rid of her. I weeped for weeks. I missed her a lot. I would cry myself to sleep every night. Then we got her back. I was so happy. We had her for about one year, and then one night I went out to feed her. She was not moving. I ran in and got my mom. She told me that she was dead.

The people we gave her to did not feed her. They beat her every day. They fed her once a week. But I am glad she is dead and not in pain any more. Besides I know she is in a better place now. I know that no one is hurting her any more. So that's what happened to my dog Jazzy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a really cute dog! It must have been fun to see the funny things she did.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's hard to lose a pet, but the joy they give us far outweighs the sorrow.
You write well & I hope you will continue to put your thoughts and feelings into words on paper.

3:49 AM  
Blogger Bonnie Calhoun said...

Starry, you write very well! I can feel the emotion that you felt for your dog.

You keep up your writing and I'm sure that you'll have many happy things to write about.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Shelley said...

That is a cute dog! Wow, you must have been heart broken when she died. Thank you for telling all about Jazzy!

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad you were able to spend the time you did with Jazzy. I bet you made her the happiest dog ever!

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Writing about the things that make us sad can be very good medicine. Losing a pet is a very sad thing, but I hope that writing about it has helped you. Keep up the good work!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Three Score and Ten or more said...

It is always sad to lose something you love, whether it is a dog, a friend, even a toy. (I'm not saying that they are the same.) These losses give us pain, but they make us stronger for a world that is often going to give us pain. I hope you are filled with loving thoughts for the dog that loved you, and not painful thoughts for the dog that is not with you anymore.

4:55 PM  

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