Friday, January 27, 2006

A Scary Moment

A scary moment that I have had in the last couple of days is really hard to overcome and I probably will never forget it. My mom recently told me that she may have breast cancer. When she told me that I got upset and very nervous. For some reason something bad always happens to people in my family and I don't understand why. We really don't know if she has breast cancer yet because she has to go get more tests done.

I really hope everything is okay because it will be really hard for me to overcome. I am also scared because there is a possibility that I could get it too. It will be hard for me because if she has to have surgery I won't have anywhere to stay. The reason is that I can't stand any of my family for that long. I won't be able to stay with my dad because he may be in jail for not going to court like he is supposed to. He could also go for not paying child support. This is a very scary situation in my life. It is also hard to stay focused on my school work when I am thinking about how that sittuation could change my mom's life and my life forever.



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