Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I'm a person who likes to play PC Games. I lke to play first person games and third person games too. One day my dad's friend came over with a new computer for me. I was happy to get a new computer. But it was only a 1.6 gig computer. It was not the best computer but I could play DOOM 3. I asked my mom to take me to Walmart to get it. She did. We got home and I installed it. It took a few minites to install. After it was installed I pressed play. It said your video drivers are not compatile. So after that I was mad. But the next day my dad's friend came back over with a new video card that was 128MB. We unistalled the old video drivers and put the new ones on the computer and the video card worked. I put the DOOM 3 disk in the CD ROM Drive. It loaded it and I pressed play. It finally worked. I was so happy I played it all night all and played it more. After I beat it. It got boring after a while.

But I want to get a new game for the computer. I went to Walmart to get BF2 battle feld 2. But I accidentally got the expansion pack for it. I did not notice it until I got home. I was very mad. I asked my mom to take me to get the 1st one. She sad no she did not have the money to get it. I was even more upset about it. But after a while I got over it but I still want it .


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