Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Falling Off a Ladder

The time that I fell off a ladder was not a fun time. What had happened was that I was working on Tyvak on a new house. They had not poured the concrete on the walk way to the house.I checked the ladder to see if it was on solid ground and it was. So I started to climb the ladder. I got one step from the top and I started to hammer a nail in the Tyvak and then I started to feel the ladder move.

What I did next is that I had enough time to drop my hammer in my tool belt, and then I was on the ground. Then I saw that I was ok, so I got back up the ladder and went back to work. I finished the Tyvak that needed to be done. Someone asked if I had a good trip down and I told them that it was a great trip.

The next day that i got back to the house i started to work of the same ladder what and my techer was sperd when he saw me on the s


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