Friday, October 27, 2006

riding at my friends

One day I went fourwheeling at my friend's house. He was riding a Yamaha blaster. That is a good quality four-wheeler but my four wheeler is a little better. I have a 05 z 250. I got my four-wheeler about a year ago about this time. So Marcus and I were riding on his track that he built. I was tearing him up.

So the next day we went riding around the country topped out. Marcus's four-wheeler is a lot faster then mine. Then when we got tired of riding on the road. We went to his house and went in the mud. We had a lot of fun because it was so muddy because it rained the day before we went. That day I had to go home because we had school in the morning but I will never forget that weekend when I had so much fun riding my four-wheeler


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