Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shih Tzu

One day when I got home from school my mom was on the porch. You could tell that my mom had been crying. She told me that my dog got hit by a car. The dog got out when my dad and my brother were fixing the water holes for the backyard. She said that she was sorry. Then she went on saying that the person who hit my dog lived right up the street. I was so mad. I cried all night long.

For the next day my mom told me how the dog was in a better place. Then one day when my dad said that he knew someone that was giving away little Shih Tzu puppies. My mom said that she did not want another dog. She did not want this to ever happen to me again. She was happy that she did not have to take care of the dog any more. She also said that the dog was old and he would have died anyway.

The next day when my dad came home he had something in his pocket. When he went up to my mom she was said the puppy was so cute. So my mom said that we could keep the puppy. She also said that if we kept the puppy everyone must help with taking care of it. In 6 years we have gotten 4 dogs, two girls and two boys. The two girls names are Little Bit and Precious. The two boys names are Max and Thor. Everything turned out fine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's got to be about the cutest dog in the world!

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