Wednesday, November 01, 2006


There are three things of mine that I would like to keep safe. One is my PS2, two is my Yugioh card deck, and three is my Ipod. I choose these three things because they were gifts from my family. So if I had a box to put things in I would choose to put those three things in out of everything else. I would make sure they always stay safe and make sure no one breaks them or to make sure no one steals them and nothing else happens to them.

I would keep my PS2 so I would be able to play video games. I would keep my Yugioh card deck because I really like to play the game. I would keep my Ipod that way I would be able to listen to my favorite songs when ever I want.

I would do what my mom and dad said to always keep them safe and make sure they don't get stolen. I also have to make sure to keep my little brother away from them to so that he doesn't hide them or sell them. Those are the three items that I would always make sure to keep safe out of all the other things I have.

Porcelain Doll

When I was about 2 I started a box. In the box I had about 3 items in it. The first item in the box was my Grandmothers ring. It was real diamonds. It was vary precious to me. She gave me the ring when she got remarried. The reason she gave me the ring is because I was the only grandchild alive at the time.

The 2nd thing that was in the box is a porcelain doll. I got the doll when I was about 4 yrs old when my mom bought it for me. She had a beautiful long white and blue gown. She had blue eyes and blond hair. When I was little I used to talk to my Anastasia.

The third thing that was in my box was my personal things. I used to write letters and put then in my box. Some of the things I wrote about my boyfriends and my life like if i was sad or upset. My uncle burned all my stuff. And he got yelled at for it and was never allowed at my house again.

My Box

If I had a bag or box with all my treasures in it, I would probably have a stuffed animal from my grandma's funeral in it. The stuffed animal means a lot to me because there is a lot of people in my family and I'm the one that got it. I would also put my Eeyore in the box because I got it from my boyfriend on Christmas. It means a lot to me because it is from my boyfriend.

I would put my pictures in the box because they are memories from when I did exciting things with friends. Some pictures that would be in there would be pictures of homecoming, friends, dances, and of my boyfriend.

I would put another stuffed animal in it thatI got for Easter from my daddy. I would put it in there because I never get to see my dad and he means a lot to me. Even though he doesn't come see me I still love him because he is my dad.

I would probably put all the notes that I got from friends in it because I would like to read them whenI get older. I would probably laugh about most of them because the stupid things they would say.