Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Box

If I had a bag or box with all my treasures in it, I would probably have a stuffed animal from my grandma's funeral in it. The stuffed animal means a lot to me because there is a lot of people in my family and I'm the one that got it. I would also put my Eeyore in the box because I got it from my boyfriend on Christmas. It means a lot to me because it is from my boyfriend.

I would put my pictures in the box because they are memories from when I did exciting things with friends. Some pictures that would be in there would be pictures of homecoming, friends, dances, and of my boyfriend.

I would put another stuffed animal in it thatI got for Easter from my daddy. I would put it in there because I never get to see my dad and he means a lot to me. Even though he doesn't come see me I still love him because he is my dad.

I would probably put all the notes that I got from friends in it because I would like to read them whenI get older. I would probably laugh about most of them because the stupid things they would say.


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