Wednesday, November 01, 2006


There are three things of mine that I would like to keep safe. One is my PS2, two is my Yugioh card deck, and three is my Ipod. I choose these three things because they were gifts from my family. So if I had a box to put things in I would choose to put those three things in out of everything else. I would make sure they always stay safe and make sure no one breaks them or to make sure no one steals them and nothing else happens to them.

I would keep my PS2 so I would be able to play video games. I would keep my Yugioh card deck because I really like to play the game. I would keep my Ipod that way I would be able to listen to my favorite songs when ever I want.

I would do what my mom and dad said to always keep them safe and make sure they don't get stolen. I also have to make sure to keep my little brother away from them to so that he doesn't hide them or sell them. Those are the three items that I would always make sure to keep safe out of all the other things I have.


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